The Decorative range of Mackintosh stamps are inspired by Glasgow Designer and Architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Very popular stamps especially for those holding their celebrations at The House Of An Art Lover.

We offer a wide range of images for you to choose from. They work particularly well with the Mackintosh Script stamps. Emboss straight onto your stationery or onto our coloured Mulberry Silk papers for a stunning effect.

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Order 52 x 84mm
Mackintosh Glasgow Nouveau 1 Wood Mounted Rubber Stamp

52 x 84mm

Price: £9.00
Order 50 x 45mm
Celtic Rose Heart Medium Clear Cling Stamp

50 x 45mm

Price: £10.00
Order 50 x 85mm
Mackintosh Glasgow Cross Wood Mounted Rubber Stamp

50 x 85mm

Price: £8.00
Order 36 x 49mm
Mackintosh Glasgow Detail Wood Mounted Rubber Stamp

36 x 49mm

Price: £6.50
Order 35 x 33mm
Mackintosh Glasgow Motif 2 Wood Mounted Rubber Stamp

35 x 33mm

Price: £6.00
Order 35 x 35mm
Mackintosh Glasgow Round Wood Mounted Rubber Stamp

35 x 35mm

Price: £6.00